Tutorials – March 7, 2013

We are pleased to announce that, the day before the conference, Johanna Rothman will be offering a great full-day session geared toward Project Managers making the transition to agile.  Registration for this tutorial is handled through the same page as registration for the conference.  The tutorial will be held at the same location as the conference (The Marten House Hotel and Conference Center) starting at 9:00am and will go until 5:00pm.  Registration will open at 8:00am and a light breakfast will be available.  Lunch and afternoon snack will also be provided.

Agile Project Management: Do You Have What it Takes?

With Johanna Rothman

If you’ve been managing projects for a while, you may be perplexed by an agile project or your role in it. If you’re accustomed to predicting the schedule, assigning the work, and tracking a Gantt chart, you may be puzzled by how to use empirical data to understand the project’s progress, having people self-assign work, and by your new role as coach and facilitator. Without a Gantt chart, you may be puzzled and not know how to answer your management’s question, “When will you be done?” You may not even realize that’s the wrong question and what the right question is.

Agile projects provide the project manager (and any other manager) more useful information than a serial-lifecycle project. Yet, it’s difficult for many project managers to make the transition to Agile, because they don’t know what they can or should do.

In this experiential tutorial, we’ll use a small project to practice working on an agile project and how to collect the data—both quantitative and qualitative—that tells you how the project and the team are progressing. You will learn how to assess the project’s true state and be able to tell your management when you will be done and what the right question really is.

This is an experiential workshop, so your questions will drive much of the day.  We will start with some of the following questions, but if you have others, those are fair game too!

  • What does a project manager do in agile?
  • How is a project manager different from a Scrum Master?
  • How do you really finish features inside timeboxes, as in finish, with testing too?
  • What is Kanban and how can it help us?
  • How do we start if we don’t have all the requirements?
  • How do we start if we don’t have an architecture?
  • What are our impediments to thinking about transitioning to agile?
  • What do our customers really want first: release date, feature set, low defects, and how can we tell?
  • How do we work with product management/product owners?
  • How do we move from silos to cross-functional teams?