Overview 2013

AgileIndy is pleased to announce the first AgileIndy conference to be held March 8, 2013. This conference will be focused on bringing thought leaders and practitioners from around the country to Indianapolis for an intense learning and networking experience. There will be a mix of sessions focused on agile basics, technical practices, and management and leadership topics among other things. If the planned sessions don’t interest you, there will be an open-space area where you can plan your own session and get other attendees and speakers to join you in your discussion! Whether you are completely new to agile or have been practicing agile for many years, there will be sessions here to help you along your agile journey!

We will have 2 keynotes and 15 breakout sessions on the following topics…

Agile Bootcamp – If you are new to agile these sessions are for you. Learn the basics of agile and how to get started.

Technical Practices – There is a lot of focus on technical practices and craftsmanship in the agile community. These sessions focus on common technical practices used in agile teams and organizations from quality and testing techniques, to TDD, to continuous deployment. If you are working on an agile team or just interested in learning new skills and techniques for developing software, these sessions are for you.

Case Studies – Transitioning to agile is hard. It is often useful to learn about the journey that other companies have taken in order to prepare for your own journey. These sessions will provide insights and advice from actual agile transformations.

Agile at Scale – Transitioning one team to agile is hard enough, but once you start to have multiple different teams working on the same project, you encounter a whole new set of problems. These sessions will focus on common practices and techniques with scaling agile.

Collaboration and Teamwork – Agile is a very humanistic approach to building software and puts the people (you won’t hear the word “resources” here) front and center and gives the team a lot of power that it never had before. Getting a team to work together and collaborate is not always an easy task. These sessions will be all about learning how to facilitate and encourage teams to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. If you are a Scrum Master or a manager struggling to get your team to gel, these sessions are for you!

View the Schedule for details on each presentation.